THE 1920s
Holman was a member of the Original Celtics from 1921 until their dispersion in 1928. In seven years the Celtics won more than 1000 games and lost less than 100. Selling out arenas, armories, and dance halls wherever they played, the Celtics as a barnstorming team played anyone, any time and anywhere. They averaged 188 games per season, most of them on the road. On February 22, 1922, the Celtics drew a record crowd of 23,000 people in Cleveland. In 1921-1922 the Celtics went on an unbelievable winning streak of 93 straight games. After the team disbanded in 1928 for lack of competition, Holman was sent to play for the New York Hakoahs along with Chris Leonard, while the rest of his teammates where shipped to the Cleveland Rosenblums. Holman played for five more years with the Syracuse All-Americans (1929-1930) and the Chicago Bruins (1930-1933).

Holman retired from actively playing basketball in 1933 at the age of 37 to coach full-time and continue as the physical education director at the 92nd Street YMHA (a job he held from 1930-1939). At the time of his retirement, he was the highest paid professional in the country, averaging $2000 a month for five or six games a week. With some of his earnings from playing pro basketball he invested in a 250-acre summer camp with his oldest brother Jacob (Camp Scatico in Elizaville, NY; family owned since 1920).

Nat Holman's Professional
Basketball Career

1917New York Knickerbockers
Interstate League Hoboken
1918-1919 Bridgeport Blue Ribbons
1919-1920 Jersey City Skeeters
New York League Albany Senators
Eastern League Scranton Miners
Eastern League Germantown Gs
1920-1921 New York Pittsfield Hillies
New York Whirlwinds
Connecticut League Norwalk Company K
1921-1928 Original Celtics
1928-1929 New York Hakoahs
1929-1930 Syracuse All-Americans
1930-1933 Chicago Bruins

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