The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
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Paul Klapper Hall (1905-1983) was designed by William Robins to be the Protestant Episcopal Orphan Asylum. The three-story brick structure was turned over to City College in 1946 and remodeled for the Hygiene Department, and again (remodeled) in 1949 for the School of Education. At that time, it was renamed in honor of the distinguished Professor and Dean of the School of Education, Paul Klapper. He graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1904 and joined the faculty as a tutor in Education in 1907 making his career in the department as Professor (1921) and Dean (1928) until he departed to become the President of Queens College in 1937. The ultimate fate of Klapper Hall in 1983 was said to be a realistic choice—a parking lot was needed. The parking lot is currently located just southeast of the North Academic Center.

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