The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
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Jasper Oval (1955-1972). In 1907, the Finley administration tried to acquire property for an athletic field. President Finley was interested in obtaining a vacant field lying between 135th & 136th Street, but for some reason, no arrangement could be concluded.
In reality, President Finley’s interest was focused on a plot of land much larger located south of the campus. The field was called Jasper Oval. The New York City Park Commissioners were reluctant to turn over this field to the College. In 1917 the Finley administration tried again to incorporate the Jasper Oval for an expanded Lewisohn Stadium. It was not until 1955 that City College officially acquired Jasper Oval. The field became used as a parking lot for visitors to the Lewisohn Stadium summer concert programs.
Later, in order to alleviate the classroom crunch, administrative functions of the College were incorporated into a new administration building constructed in 1960 and designed by Gehron and Seltzer. This building, situated on the north end of Jasper Oval, freed 30 rooms for classrooms and laboratories in other campus buildings.
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