The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
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The Bowker/Alumni Library (1937-1957). The Alumni Library, named in honor of the publisher Richard Rogers Bowker of the Class of 1868, was intended to remedy the major defect in George Post’s original campus design—the lack of a library. The Depression slowed the rate of alumni giving and the 1937 segment remained unfinished.
After World War II plans to complete the building were put forward which favored the erection of a modern stack tower attached to the older portion. When the Manhattanville Campus was purchased, the location of the library at the extreme northern end of the campus became inconvenient. President Gallagher determined that a totally new structure should be constructed in the middle of the campus. Thus, the Old Cohen Library Building was finished in 1957 (now known as the Y Building) and Bowker was demolished to make room for the David B. Steinman Hall, named in honor of a member of the Class of 1906.
The new tech building was designed by Lorimar and Rose, Architects and Engineers, who completed the structure in 1960. Steinman Hall consists of 280,000 square feet of space of classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices, and an auditorium for the School of Engineering which is considered the third largest in the nation. It offers undergraduate and master’s degrees in biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.
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