The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
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Army Hall (1883-1956). Originally the Hebrew Orphan Asylum designed by William H. Hume, this institution housed up to 1,250 children (mostly 9-11 year olds) and staff members. By 1941 the population had dwindled to 607 children who were dispersed to other city agencies and foster homes. In 1943 the building was purchased by New York City and then assigned to the City College to be used as a classification center and barracks for 3,000 soldiers under the new name of Army Hall. At the end of the war it was reconverted to provide accommodations for up to 500 male members of the college student population, a number of sorely needed classrooms, and storage for a portion of the college’s library collection. What was once the site of Army Hall is currently the Jacob H. Schiff Playground, which was designed by Lama, Proskauer, and Prober Architects to be adjacent to P.S. 192.
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