The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
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Adolph Lewisohn Stadium (1915-1973). Designed by Arnold W. Brunner to resemble a classical amphitheater and constructed of concrete, the stadium was the fulfillment of President John H. Finley’s dream. The dream would not have been realized without the generosity of Adolph Lewisohn, a leading industrialist who came to New York as a teenager from his native Germany. Lewisohn’s financial support of the project allowed for the creation of a great public space which became the site of elaborate theatrical events such as the production of The Trojan Women at the dedication ceremony on May 29, 1915. A summer concert series was inaugurated with a production of Aida in 1917 and continuing until 1966 under the leadership of Mrs. Charles S. “Minnie” Guggenheimer.
The stadium was the site of City College athletic events and commencement ceremonies. From its inception, the stadium was more than a City College institution; it became a municipal, indeed, a national meeting place. This was as its donor and College authorities desired. As the years went by, enrollment increased creating a need for new research facilities, classrooms, libraries, and faculty offices. The decision in 1973 to destroy Lewisohn Stadium was precipitated by this need for more space to insure that City College could fulfill its academic mission. Presently the North Academic Center stands where the stadium once was.
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