The Lost World of CCNY: Architectural Gems of Our Past
  The images presented here reveal a panoramic vision of what City College was in decades past. Buildings of incredible architectural design were either destroyed by necessity (for example the Bowker/Alumni Library, which was never completed and inadequate to house the collection), or they were destroyed because the needs of the campus changed throughout the years.
Hence this is a journey through time, a world many of us did not see or suspect ever existed, almost a pastoral world that by virtue of being captured in images, gives us an impression of a frozen world that will never return.
From the Free Academy Building (1849-1927) to the Adolph Lewisohn Stadium (1915-1973) and the John H. Finley Student Center (1847-1985) these buildings represent part of the architectural heritage of City College, one of the greatest American public educational institutions.
A metaphorical travel, these images will invoke a sense of, and by the same token, highlight the changes in the microcosm of the campus as a reflection of the changes in the macrocosm of the city as a whole. Since the images selected belong to a world that does not exist any more, this microcosm is captured in this exhibit which visually presents to the viewer how much City College has lost and gained as it advanced its educational mission.
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