“Happy Children” Get a Make-Over
These “Happy Children” live on the balcony of the Faculty Dining Room of the North Academic Center.

American sculptor Chaim Gross (1904-1991) gave this work to CCNY President Robert Marshak, a personal friend, in 1979, and a base was built for it during the construction of the North Academic Center. Gross’ particular fondness for this sculpture, cast in 1968, is demonstrated by the fact that it is the official logo used by the Chaim Gross Studio Museum downtown at 526 LaGuardia Place.

After a couple of decades outdoors, the kids needed a clean-up. Prof. April Paul, an adjunct in the Art Department and executive director of the Gross Museum, put together a team of her students—Evi Abeler, Richard Ho, Luis- Palacios-Clark and Michael Ryle. They donned rubber gloves on November 11, 2002, took up their new paintbrushes, clean cloths, scrubbers and waxes and went to work. After a thorough but gentle cleaning, the sculpture received a new coat of wax to protect it for a few more decades.
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